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Enige tijd terug heeft Hof van Baarle journaliste/fotografe Anna J. Kutor op bezoek gehad. Zij schreef een stuk over Baarle-Nassau/Hertog en oa de wijngaard voor Ryainair Magazine.

“We didn’t even know we had a small slice of Belgium on our property until Google Earth published a map of the area,” says Mariette van de Rakt, pointing to the little red markers concealed behind a curtain of lush grapevines. Those vivid sticks signal the edge of the smallest and northernmost Belgian enclave, situated smack bang in the middle of the family run Hof van Baarle vineyard. “If we were making alcohol on that part we would have to alert the Belgian tax authorities, but our wine-making equipment is on Dutch territory, so there’s no problem,” she says.

Bron: RyanAirMag.com

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